How to recover Android SD Card?

Have you accidentally deleted or lost some important files from the Android Sd card & now desperately looking for a solution? Then don’t worry, you have found the solution. SD cards are a kind of memory cards that are used in Android phones as an external storage media. Usually phone doesn’t have much internal memory so an external memory card is a must, as people like to store large amount of files like favorite videos, tracks, pictures, applications etc. on their phone. Mini SD cards & Micro SD cards are also supported by with the Android phones. But there are times when you accidentally delete some of your important files or lose them due to some reasons. The common belief is that when you delete a file & it is not visible in the directory then it is permanently removed, but that is not the truth. The files are not deleted completely until & unless they are overwritten by some new file. So, using an efficient Android Recovery Software, you can easily restore Android SD card data.

Files from Android SD card might get deleted / lost in following cases –

  • Accidental deletion of important files or precious pictures while removing some unwanted files.
  • Intentionally deleting files to make space for new ones & later realizing their importance.
  • Formatting the memory card to get rid of a virus or to boost the phone’s performance without checking its contents.
  • Accidental formatting while ejecting the memory card or renaming it using context menu options, resulting in complete data loss.
  • Improper handling of the phone or the memory card like taking pictures on low battery, removing the memory card without properly ejecting it & disconnecting the phone from a system without using “Safely remove Hardware” option.
  • Interruption in transferring files from the Android phone to the system or vice versa, due to a power cut or abrupt removal from the system.
  • Malevolent programs affecting all the files of the Android phone’s internal or external memory. It might also corrupt the phone’s file system thereby making all its contents inaccessible or they might even get deleted or lost.

If you are facing any of these issues, you might have a question in mind as "How to recover Android SD Card?" To restore Android SD card, make use of the Android SD card recovery tool.

Some unique features of Android Recovery Software –

In order to restore Android SD card data, use a professional tool for SD Card Recovery for Android, that has been specially designed for Android phones. Know more here It has an advanced deep scanning algorithm that helps to locate deleted / lost files & get them back. The tool can be used to perfom SD Card Recovery for Android phone’s internal as well as external memory storage. You can easily recover lost pictures from Android phone using the tool’s intuitive & wizard style interface. It can be operated by a person with least technical knowledge too.

The software supports all the latest versions of Android operating systems like 2.2 Froyo, 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.1.x Jelly Bean & 2.3.x Gingerbread. It perfectly supports Samsung Galaxy S2 data recovery including other major Android phone brands like HTC, Micromax, Nokia, Dell, etc. For more info visit The recovery can be performed by installing the tool on a Windows OS & connect the Android phone with its memory card.

How to recover Android SD Card Files?

Step 1 – Download & install the tool on the Windows OS & run it.

Step 2 – Select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option from the main screen, according to your data loss scenario.

SD Card Recovery for Android - Main Screen

Step 3 – Now choose the affected SD memory card & hit the “Next” button.

SD Card Recovery for Android - Select Drive

Step 4 – Wait until the tool scans for deleted / lost files from the Android SD card.

SD Card Recovery for Android - Scanning process

Step 5 – Preview the files from the recovered data list & save them to a desired destination after purchasing the registered version.

SD Card Recovery for Android - Recovered Data