How to recover deleted files in Android Phone?

“I have deleted some files from my Android phone by mistake, which were very important! Is there any way to restore deleted files on Android phone?”

Are you in the same situation & desperately looking for a solution? Keep Reading!! There are many different situations when you might remove some important files from your Android smartphone. But the good news is that the files that were deleted can be recovered easily using an Android Recovery tool. The reason behind this is that when you delete a file from your Android phone, the data is not completely removed from it. The operating system of the Android phone just marks the memory space as available for other files to be saved & the file is just removed from the directory structure. The recovery is possible until the files are not overwritten by some other files. So, it is highly recommended not to use the phone or the memory card when you encounter any kind of data loss. If you keep on using it then the recovery chances will be reduced & no software will be able to restore deleted files on Android phones.

Scenarios leading to deletion of files from the Android phone –

The most common deletion scenarios that might have happened to every Android user is accidental deletion. Suppose you were removing some unwanted pictures, files or applications from your Android phone & with that you were talking to your friend too. After sometime when you were searching for a picture, you realized that its not there. You might have unknowingly selected that picture too while you were removing undesirable ones. This type of deletion happens due to a slight distraction but the consequences are not acceptable.

Apart from accidentally deleting a file, you sometimes intentionally removes files from your Android phone. This might have been done to free up memory space to save some new files or to increase the phone’s performance, as storing too much data in your Android phone’s internal or external memory might degrade your phone’s performance.

You might also lose data due to inadvertent formatting of the phone’s memory card. The memory card has an Format option along with other options like Eject / Unmount & Rename. So, it is quite possible that you might accidentally select Format option either while unmounting the memory card from the phone or changing its name. In any case, the data loss will be very high, as formatting removes all the files & folders from the device that is being formatted. You may also intentionally format the memory card to get rid of a virus infection due to which the files are not accessible. To restore deleted files on Android phones, make use of the recovery tool mentioned here.

What should be done to restore deleted files on Android phones?

If you have a question in your mind that "How to recover deleted files in Android Phone?" then here is the perfect solution. Deleted files can be easily retrieved using Android Recovery Software. This is the best solution available in the market as it supports recovery process on almost all brands of Android phones. This includes data recovery on Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC, Micromax, Nokia, etc. The software is built with advanced scanning algorithms that helps in attaining the file restoration process faster & with great ease. You can perform lost picture recovery from Android phone using this software, which supports retrieval of files like pictures, documents, compressed files & Android application files (.apk). Know more at

Android Recovery is capable to retrieve Android SD card data supporting all the memory card types like SD card, Mini SD card & Micro SD card. Follow It is compatible with all the latest versions of Android operating system versions. The tool is available as a demo version using which you can perform data recovery & when you are satisfied with the results then you can purchase the registered version to save the recovered files.

How to recover deleted files in Android Phone?

Note – Connect your Android phone to the Windows operating system to retrieve deleted files in Android phone.

Step 1 – Download the demo version of the tool & install it on your Windows system to recover deleted files Android. Now run the tool.

Step 2 – Select “Recover Deleted Files” option from the main screen.

Restore Deleted Files on Android - Main Screen

Step 3 – Now choose the connected phone drive or the memory card from which you want to undelete files from android phone & hit the “Next” button.

Restore Deleted Files on Android - Select Drive

Step 4 – The tool will start looking for the files. Wait until it finishes.

Restore Deleted Files on Android - Scanning process

Step 5 – After that a list of recovered files will be displayed. Preview & save them on a desired destination other than the affected phone or memory card.

Restore Deleted Files on Android - Recovered Data