• Extremely fast & user-friendly interface to recover Android data
  • Restore Android data including the lost and formatted files with great ease
  • Android recovery from phone’s internal & external memory storage
  • Supports a wide range of Android phone brands & OS versions to easily restore Android data
  • Provides preview option to view files before saving

Have you accidentally deleted or lost your precious data & want to recover Android data?

If yes, then this is specially written for you...


Android phones are trending worldwide due to their many advanced & unique features. Android is an operating system that is used in smartphones & tablet computers. Generally, SD memory cards are used as a storage device in Android phones. Sometimes data is stored on the phone’s internal memory too. So any kind of data loss scenario or corruption happening to the phone or the SD card might leave you in a great loss. The card might contain some of your most memorable trip photos. But don’t worry, by using an efficient Android recovery tool like Recover Android, you can get back lost pictures from Android phone including other data & applications.

Why is Android recovery possible?

It is a common belief that files once deleted from the hard drive or any other device cannot be recovered back. They are said to be permanently deleted as you are not able to see its entry in the directory list. But this is a myth, because when you delete a file or it is lost due to any other reason, the operating system just flags its memory space as available or marks it as a free space, so that other files can be stored on it. But the real deleted file still resides on the operating system. So, by using a recovery tool, this file can be located and the pointers can also be restored. But make sure that you do not use the affected device after you encounter any of the data loss situations. Because by doing so you will reduce the chances of recovery, as once the memory space of the deleted file is assigned to some other file, it is not possible to recover Android data manually or using any recovery tool.

What are the situations that might lead you to a state of data loss?

Accidental or intentional Deletion – The most common problem of data loss is accidental deletion of important files while deleting some unwanted ones, from the phone’s internal or external memory. The reason can be a slight distraction or deleting without opening the file. You might also delete some files intentionally to get rid of a virus infection or to make room for other files to be stored. Later you realize that the files that you have deleted were very important for you. To retrieve Android phone's deleted files, visit

Unintentional format – Sometimes due to corruption issues, when you connect the phone to the system or try to access the memory card contents, you get an error message saying “The card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”. Most of the users follow the message & format their device & end up losing all their vital information stored in the card. You might also accidentally format the Android phone’s memory card while unmounting or renaming the memory card.

Malware Infection – As Android phones can be used to access internet, chances are very high that viruses enter your phone & corrupt the file system or deletes your saved files. When the phone is connected to an infected system or some virus infected file is saved on it, then also malwares might enter your phone & corrupt it, thereby making all the files & applications inaccessible.

Improper usage of the phone or memory card – Improperly removing the phone from the system while accessing or transferring files between them or abrupt unmounting of memory card without proper ejection method, might leave the phone in a corrupt state. This improper handling might also delete the files that are stored on the phone’s memory or the memory card. Using the same memory card in different devices may also corrupt the card & data loss might happen.

Abrupt system shutdown – If the system is shut down while transferring files from the phone to the system or vice-versa, there are chances that the accessed or transferred data is lost. The reason for shutdown may be a power surge, forced restart while installing a third-party tool or intentional system shutdown using the Power button.

Why Android recovery Software?

Android Data Recovery Software is the perfect solution to recover Android data under any data loss problems. It helps in recovering photos, videos, audio files, apk files & other documents from the Android phone’s internal memory & external memory. Recover Android supports recovery of Android SD card, Mini SD & Micro SD cards of almost all leading brands. It has an advanced built in scanning algorithm that scans the entire phone’s drive & recover Android deleted or lost files. Recover Android tool has a capability to restore data from Samsung Galaxy S2 & other major Android phones brands like HTC, Samsung, Sony, Dell, Micromax, etc. Visit The tool is also capable to restore Android data from different Android OS versions like 4.1.x Jelly Bean, 2.2 Froyo, 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich & 2.3.x Gingerbread.

The use of “Save Recovery Session” option to recover Android data, allows the user to avoid rescanning of the whole drive for deleted / lost data. It is a virus-free & safe to use tool that does not modify the original files, so that any kind of interruption in the recovery process does not corrupt the original files any more. The Preview option enables user to view the files from the recovered data list & judge the tool’s performance.

Steps to know how to recover Android Data –

Step 1 – Download & install the tool on your Windows OS & run it to recover android files.

Step 2 – From the main screen, select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option to recover Android data.

Recover Android - Main Screen

Step 3 – Now select the phone drive or the memory card & click “Next” button to retrieve Android data.

Recover Android - Select Drive

Step 4 – The tool will start scanning for the deleted / lost files to start Android data recovery.

Recover Android - Scanning process

Step 5 – It will display the recovered files once you recover Android files.

Recover Android - Recovered Data

Step 6 – Preview & save the recovered files to a desired destination.

Recover Android - Preview

Precautions –

  • Never remove the phone from the computer or the memory card from the phone without properly ejecting it.
  • Always keep a regular backup of your important data.